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The Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas has a variety of packages prepared to make your staying exceptional.  have Have a relaxing, enchanting weekend in the lively business district of Samseong-dong and enjoy the night view of southern Seoul. Enjoy yourself in your luxurious accommodations and take advantage of exciting events with friends, families, or beloved ones, or simply as a special gift for yourself.

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  • InterContinental seoul COEX
  • 'Summer Breeze' Package 패키지 이미지

    Enjoy a cozy vacation with the scent of summer that will relieve all the fatigue from your body and soul that's become exhausted by the heat of the hot summer. With the hotel's won creation of home fragrance 'Citrus Grapefruit' and a relaxing breakfast buffet, the hotel in the heart of the city will be a cool haven of peace filled with your own fragrance.

    2017-06-01 ~ 2017-08-31
  • Urban Escape Spa Package 패키지 이미지

    If you need to refresh your exhausted body and soul, release your stress by resting up in a cozy room and enjoying a refreshing well-being spa. Fill yourself up with fresh energy on a special day when you can let yourself fully relax.

    2017-01-01 ~ 2017-12-31
  • Weekend Special 패키지 이미지

    If you want to escape the daily grand to relax and reenergize, our Weekend Special is just for you! Delivering a comfortable room along with a delicious breakfast, it will make any normal weekend into a special memory for you and your loved ones.

    2017-01-01 ~ 2017-12-31
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