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Policies Concerning the Operation of Video Monitoring Equipment

  • Through the CCTV Operation Policies at the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul COEX
    (“Hotel” below), guests can learn how the video data being collected at the hotel is being used and stored.

1. Legal Basis and Purpose for CCTV Cameras

The Hotel is permitted to install and operate CCTV equipment by clause 1, section 25, of the Private Information Protection Act. The purpose of the CCTV equipment is as follows:

  • Ensuring the safety of the facilities and preventing fires
  • Keeping guests safe and preventing criminal behavior

2. Number of cameras, location and recording range of cameras

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

Number of Cameras Location and Recording Range
19 Front entrance and lobby
122 Hallway on each floor and parking lot

InterContinental Seoul COEX

Number of Cameras Location and Recording Range
9 Front entrance and lobby
117 Hallway on each floor and parking lot

3. CCTV Supervisor and Employees with Access Privileges

The following employees are encharged with protecting your video information. They are also available should you wish to lodge a complaint regarding your personal video information.

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas

Name Position Department Phone
Supervisor Jun-seok Jeong Security Section Chief HR, General Affairs Team 02-559-7110

InterContinental Seoul COEX

Name Position Department Phone
Supervisor Seong-yun Lee Security Chief HR, General Affairs Team 02-3430-8113

4. Footage: Recording Time, Period and Location of Storage, and Method of Disposal

Recording Time Period of Storage Location of Storage
24 hours a day 30 days after date of recording Security Room
  • Method of Disposal: We keep a record of any requests made pertaining to your personal video information, including unauthorized use, tendering to a third party, deletion, or viewing. When the period of storage expires, the footage is destroyed permanently so that it cannot be restored later. Printed footage is crushed or incinerated.

5. How and Where to Access Your Personal Video Information

  • How to access: Please contact the video data supervisor first. You can visit the hotel to access the data.
  • General Affairs Team: Security Department

6. Handling Viewing Requests and Other Requests Made by the Video Subject

You can contact the CCTV supervisor at any time to request to view your personal video data, confirm its existence, or have it deleted. However, this is limited to video in which you appear and video that is manifestly necessary to protect and preserve the life, bodily health, or assets of the video subject. Once the hotel has received a request for viewing personal video data, confirming its existence, or deleting it, all necessary measures will be taken immediately.

7. Measures for Ensuring the Safety of Video Data

The Hotel uses password protection and other methods to keep its video data secure. Administrative measures that are in place to protect private video information include determining access to private information by rank. Records are kept of the creation date of personal video information as well as time, date, purpose of view as well as the identity of viewer in order to prevent forging or falsification. Furthermore, a locking mechanism is in place to ensure the physical safety of the stored personal video data.

8. Notice Concerning Changes in Personal Information Handling Policies

The policies for CCTV operation and storage of footage were enacted on March 30th, 2012. If the content found herein is added to, deleted, or edited as a result of changes in laws, policies, or security technology, the reason for and nature of these changes will be posted on the Hotel homepage at least seven days before they take effect.

  • A. Date of notice: March 30th, 2012
  • B. Took effect: March 30th, 2012
  • C. Final correction: October 6th, 2016