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Guidance of Personal Information Handing

  • InterContinental Seoul COEX (hereinafter referred to as "Hotel") collects, possesses and handles all personal information based on the basis of "Personal Information Protection Act".
  • "Personal Information Protection Act" presents the general standard with regard to handling personal information, and Hotel will legitimately and properly handle the personal information collected, possessed and handled in accordance with the regulation of "Personal Information protection Act" for the appropriate implementation of hotel business and the protection of customers’ right
  • Besides, Hotel respects customers’ right such as perusal, correction, delete, handling discontinuance and so on regarding personal information possessed according to the stipulation of "Personal Information Protection Act", and users can appeal administrative adjudication as for infringement of rights on "Personal Information Protection Act" in accordance with "Administrative Adjudication Law".
  • Hotel has the personal information handling policy as follows in accordance with "Personal Information Protection Act" in order to protect customers’ personal information and rights as well as to treat customers’ difficulties smoothly with regard to personal information, and in case that personal information handling policy is revised, it will be noticed through the website announcement (or individual notice).
  • This policy will be effective from Jul. 18, 2015.

1. Purpose of Handling Personal Information

Hotel handles the personal information for the purposes as follows. Processed personal information is used only for the following purposes, and it will ask for users’ prior consent when the purpose of use is changed.

A. Management of Members

  • Identification of subscribers pursuant to the use of membership services
  • Securing the smooth communication path for notice delivery, difficulties treatment and so forth
  • Securing correct destination for the delivery of membership card
  • Providing customized services

B. Providing Services

  • Member identification and implementation of contract with regard to providing services at rooms, restaurants and lounges, banquet and wedding
  • Using for customer satisfaction survey
  • Providing customized services

C. Utilizing for Marketing and Advertising

  • Developing new services and providing customized services
  • Advertising new services and providing various events information
  • Providing services and putting ads in accordance with demographic characteristics

D. Recruitment of Employees and Providing Practice Program

  • Processing recruitment of employees such as application and selecting examination, confirming qualification proof, confirming applicant’s test scores, aptitude test, medical check-up, answer and guidance to applicant’s question and so on.
  • Supporting and selecting programs and answer and guidance to applicant’s question

2. Handling Items of Personal Information

Hotel collects personal information as follows within the minimum required range to provide services.

A. Management of Members

  • I Choice / SUMMIT / IWC membership
    • Compulsory Items : name (Hangul/English), contact information (mobile phone/phone), address (home/work)
    • Optional Items : gender, date of birth, email address, employer, job title and department
  • Fitness Club
    • Compulsory Items : Name, national id number(transfer receive), ID Card Number, Gender, Photo, Contact Information (mobile phone, home or office). Address (home or office) and E-mail address (website members only), Corporate members must also supply company name and corporate registration number
    • Optional Items : Gender, E-mail Address, Company Name, Department and Job Title, Wedding Anniversary and Vehicle Number
  • E-newsletter Member
    • Compulsory Items : E-mail Address
    • Optional Items : Name, Gender, Contact Information (mobile phone, home or office), date of birth

B. Providing Services

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Compulsory Items : Name, E-mail Address and mobile phone number
    • Optional Items : Date of Birth and Wedding Anniversary
  • Food and Beverage Service
    • Compulsory Items : Name and Contact Information (mobile phone, home or office)
    • Optional Items : E-mail Address
  • VOC Receive
    • Compulsory Items : Name, E-mail Address and mobile phone number
    • Optional Items : Sex, Address, Company name

3. Handling and Retention Period of Personal Information

A. Hotel destroys customers’ personal information without delay, when the purpose of collecting personal information or provided purpose is achieved. Specific time of destroy is as follows.

  • 1) Delivery Information: When products or services are delivered or provided
  • 2) In case of collection information for event or etc.: When the event is finished

B. In accordance with the regulations and provisions of relevant laws, it may be necessary to share membership information with the following outsource companies for the reasons and time periods listed below.

  • 1) Records of contract or withdrawal of subscription : 5years
  • 2) Records of payment and supplying goods : 5 years
  • 3) Records of consumer’s complaint and the settlement of dispute : 3 years
  • For the rest, Information of identification and preference for revisit and customized services : 5 years

C. Job Application Information

  • 1) Retention Period : Deleting immediately after the completion of recruit evaluation
  • 2) Retention Basis: Internal regulation and polity of Hotel (It is to be destroyed only after the entire completion of the relevant recruit examination to prevent from errors that may occur at recruit examination)

4. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Hotel does not provide personal information to any third party without member’s consent. But exceptions are as follows.

  • A. In case of a member’s prior consent
  • B. In case that law enforcement agencies request it by the procedure and method in due course stipulated by law in accordance with the legal provision or for the purpose of investigation

5. Consignment of Personal Information Handling

A. Hotel operates the work to process personal information consigning to external specialists as follows to implement services

Consignee Consigned Works Period of possession and use
Doing C&S, Hansung MS Housekeeping Until the service has been provided and/or the contract term expires
IPSOS (by IHG) Customer satisfaction evaluation for hotel guests and IHG Members
JY Marketing Member information management, communications, mailing and telemarketing
Dain Manpower Inc. Hotel operations
Lotte rental Airport limousine service
Hanju Holdings Advertisement Rejecting Service
GS Park 24, nctas Auto Parking check
TCK KOREA telephone inquiry
naafmedia,froma Parnas mall Promotion
SINHA information technology,Oracle,Creavison INT,Solutek System,Daekyo CNS,Do it System,GS ITM Construction of a computer system and maintenance

B. When the consignment contract is made, Hotel clearly stipulates the strict observance of the instructions related to the protection of personal information, the prohibition of using personal information and the responsibility in case of an accident to ensure the safety of personal information protection, and keeps the relevant contract electronically as well as by written document. In the event that the above company is replaced, Hotel notices the name of the change company at the screen of personal information handling polity on the website.

6. Right and Obligation of Information Subject and Exertion Method

A. Customers can exert the following rights as the information subject

  • 1) Request of the perusal of personal information

    Customers may ask for perusal of the personal information file possessed by Hotel according to Article 35 (Perusal of Personal Information) of "Personal Information Protection Act". In the event of requesting the perusal of personal information, it can be restricted according to Article 35, Clause 5 of the above act

    • In case that perusal is prohibited or restricted according to law
    • In case of concern that may damage to other person’s life or body or unfairly infringe other person’s property and other interests
  • 2) Request of the correction and deletion of personal information

    Customers may ask for correction and deletion of the personal information file possessed by Hotel according to Article 36 (Correction and Deletion of Personal Information) of "Personal Information Protection Act". Nevertheless, they can not ask for the deletion, in case that the personal information is specified as the object of collection in other laws and regulations

  • 3) Request to cease handling personal information

    Customers may request to stop handling the personal information file possessed by Hotel according to Article 37 (Suspension of Handling Personal Information) of "Personal Information Protection Act". In the event of requesting the suspension of handling personal information, it can be rejected according to Article 37, Clause 2 of the above act.

    • In case that it is inevitable to be rejected due to the special provision of law or the observance of statutory obligation
    • In case of concern that may damage to other person’s life or body or unfairly infringe other person’s property and other interests
    • In case that it is difficult to implement the contract unless the personal information is handled, for instance that services agreed with the subject of information can not be provided, and in case that the subject of information does not clearly express the intention of cancellation

B. When you want to peruse, correct, delete, cease handling or withdraw consent, please contact the department that receives and treats the request of perusal of personal information or a staff in charge of personal information protection by a letter, phone call or e-mail. We will take steps with delay after the procedure of identification

C. In the event that a customer requests correction of the error of personal information, Hotel would not use or provide the relevant personal information before completing correction. And in case that incorrect personal information has been already provided to a third party, Hotel will take measures to correct it by noticing the corrected result to the third party without delay

D. We request that customers correctly input the new personal information to prevent an unexpected accident. Customer is responsible for an accident caused by the incorrect information that the customer entered. And In case that a customer input false information such as illegal use of other’s information, the customer may lose membership or get restricted to use service

E. You have the right that your personal information is to be protected as well as the obligation to protect yourself and not to infringe other’s information. Please be careful that your personal information will not be leaked and pay attention not to infringe other’s personal information including postings. If you can not carry out such responsibility and illegally user or infringe other’s information or input false information, you may loose service and membership and can be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations.

F. Hotel operates customer service department for better communication with customers with regard to the perusal request of personal information. Contact information is :

  • Customer Service Dept : marketing&communication Team
  • Tel : 02-559-7713
  • Address : InterContinental Seoul COEX, 524 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Customer’s Inquiry through Website URL: Customer Center > Customer’s Voice

7. Destruction of Personal Information

A. Destruction Procedure

After collecting and achieving the purpose of use, personal information is to be destroyed after storage for a specific period according to the internal policy and the information protection grounds by the relative laws and regulations. (See the period of retention and use)

B. Destruction Method

Personal information that has been printed out on paper is destroyed by a shredder or an incinerator, and personal information that is stored as electronic file is deleted by using the technical method that the information can not be regenerated.

8. Measures to Secure Stability of Personal Information

A. Establishment and Implementation of Internal Management Plan

Establishment and implementation of the internal management plan of Hotel are carried out complying with the internal management policy of Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

B. Minimization and Training of Staffs in charge of Personal Information

The following parties are constantly seeking to perfect the handling of personal information and conduct periodic training dedicated to personal information management.

C. Access Restriction to Personal Information

Hotel takes measures required for access control to personal information by granting, modifying and cancelling the access right of database system that processes personal information, and controls unauthorized access by using firewall system

D. Storage and Falsification Prevention of Access Record

Hotel keeps and manages records (web log, summarized information and etc.) accessed to personal information processing system for at least 6 months, and uses security function to prevent the access records from falsification, theft or loss

E. Encryption of Personal Information

Customer’s personal information is kept and managed after encryption. Besides, we use the special security function such as using encryption of important data for storage and transmission.

F. Technical Measures against Hacking and etc

Hotel installs security program to prevent the leakage and damage due to hacking or computer viruses, performs periodic renewal and check, equips the system at the area where access from outside is restricted, and technically / physically watches and blocks it.

G. Access Control to Unauthorized Persons

Hotel locates personal information system that stores personal information at a separate physical storage place, and establishes and operates the access control procedure about it.

9. Privacy install, operate and veto of the automatic collection device

Hotel appoints manager and staff in charge of personal information protection as follows in order to protect personal information and treat complaints with regard to personal information.

  • A. Manager of Personal Information Protection : Joo Seong Kim (Director)
  • B. Administrator of Personal Information Protection : Tae Yeon Kim (General Manager, Marketing Team)
  • C. Staff in charge of Personal Information Protection : Do Yon Kim (Assistant Manager, Marketing Team) 02-559-7713

10. Remedy for Right Infringement

Customers can apply for dispute settlement or consultation to Personal Information Arbitration Committee or Personal Information Infringement Notification Center of Korea Internet Security Agency. In addition, please contact the organizations below as for notification and consultation of other personal information infringement

  • A. Personal Information Arbitration Committee : (without an area code) 118 (ext. 2)
  • B. Information Protection Mark Certification Committee : 02-580-0533~4 (
  • C. Supreme Prosecutors Office, Cyber Criminal Investigation Team : 02-3480-3573 (
  • D. National Police Agency, Cyber Terror Response Center : 1566-0112 (

11. Change of Personal Information Handling Policy

This personal information handling policy will be effective from the date of implementation, and we will notify the addition, deletion and correction of the changed details according to laws and regulations or policies on announcement from 7 days before the implementation of the change, if available.

  • A. Date of Announce : July 18, 2015
  • B. Date of Implementation : July 18, 2015