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Wedding Reservation

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Wedding Information

Wedding Information

Considerations for your Wedding

Wedding Schedule

  • Click the dates on the calendar to select the date for your reservation
    (same day reservation is not available).
  • The reservation date you selected is not confirmed. Please send us a reservation inquiry first and then call us for confirmation

Details of Wedding Reservation

Expected Number of Guests for Wedding Considerations for your Wedding
Desired Wedding Date Wedding Time
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Member Identification

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Inquiry and Request

Consent of Collection and Use of Personal Information

[Items of Collected Personal Information]

A. Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul COEX (hereinafter referred to as ‘Hotel’) collects the personal information as follows when a customer makes a reservation for wedding ceremony.
  • Compulsory Items : Name, E-mail address, Mobile phone number, and Relation with the contracting parties in a marriage
  • Optional Items : Contact Information
  • Optional item is the information that is used at providing services, and it is not collected unless a member wants to provide it without any disadvantage to use due to a refusal.
B. Following information may be automatically generated and collected in the course of using service
  • IP Address, Cookie, Visit time, Record of using service, and Record of bad use

[Purpose of Collecting Personal Information]

Hotel collects the personal information for the following reasons

  • A. Providing Services
    • Implementing the contract contents with regard to providing wedding services and customized services
    • Customer satisfaction survey
  • B. Utilizing for Marketing and Advertising
    • Developing new services and providing customized services
    • Advertising new services and providing various events information
    • Providing services and putting ads in accordance with demographic characteristics

[Retention Period of Personal Information]

Hotel destroys without delay customer’s personal information immediately after taking measures to customer’s reservation request and the use of wedding services. But in case that it is required to keep it according to commercial law and the provisions of relevant law such as the regulation with regard to Consumer Protection of Electronic Commerce, member’s information will be kept for the specific period stipulated by the relevant act.

  • A. Record of contract or cancellation: Retention for 5 years (based on the law with regard to Consumer Protection at Electronic Commerce)
  • B. Record of payment or supplying goods: Retention for 5 years (based on the law with regard to Consumer Protection at Electronic Commerce)
  • C. Record of consumer’s complaint and the settlement of dispute: Retention for 3 years (based on the law with regard to Consumer Protection at Electronic Commerce)

[Providing Personal Information to Third Parties]

Hotel does not provide personal information to a third party without member’s consent. But exceptions are as follows :

  • A. In case of a member’s prior consent
  • B. In case that law enforcement agencies request it by the procedure and method in due course stipulated by law in accordance with the legal provision or for the purpose of investigation

[Consignment of Personal Information Handling]

  • A. Hotel operates the work to process personal information consigning to external specialists as follows to implement services.

    Consignee Consigned Works
    GABIA Inc. Consignment operation of web server and DB management
    GS ITM Consignment operation of website maintenance
    Newmarket International Software Pte Ltd. Consignment operation of Delphi S&C (Banquet Management System)
    Solutech System Consignment operation of DB management
  • B. When the consignment contract is made, Hotel clearly stipulates the strict observance of the instructions related to the protection of personal information, the prohibition of using personal information and the responsibility in case of an accident to ensure the safety of personal information protection, and keeps the relevant contract electronically as well as written document.

Do you agree with the purpose of collection and use of personal information?

Receiving new service PR and various events information :

Banquet & Wedding Inquiry

  • Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas 82-2-559-7778
    InterContinental Seoul COEX 82-2-3430-8686