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Han River Park

Only a 15-minute walk away from the COEX complex, the Jamsil Han River Park is located on the south side of the Han River between the Jamsil Rail Bridge and the Yeongdong Bridge. With the Jamsil Sports Complex, Lotte World, and Olympic Park in the vicinity, it’s quite convenient to use the sports and cultural facilities located inside the park. And with wildflowers, farms, and other natural learning areas inside the park, there are plenty of options for an educational field trip for kids or outing with your family.In particular, the Jamsil “Sujungbo” waterway for fish is a chance to see the Han River ecosystem in action, and you can also take part in ecological programs. Aquatic plants that serve as a shelter for fish around the waterway, pinwheels spinning in the wind, and walking paths are some of the main attractions at the park. For an impressive night view of Seoul, go to the Riverview Bom café and observatory on Jamsil Bridge or take the Nue Naru cruise ship.

Sightseeing Course

1. One-Hour Sightseeing Course

  • Course : Bongeunsa Temple ~ Coex Mall
  • - The Time Required : One-Hour

Walk from the InterContionental Seoul COEX through the underground arcade and take a look at the shops around.

After shopping, ouf of the complex and walk along the road. Here you’ll find Bongeunsa, which is Seoul’s second largest Buddhist temple.

After experiencing many relics and beautiful buildings and taking a look inside the temple structure, cross the road and return to the hotel through the convention center. On your way back, you can also stop by some of the exhibits on display in the convention center.

2. Two-Hour Sightseeing Course

  • Course : Coex Mall ~ Aquarium
  • The Time Required : Two-Hour

Inside COEX Mall, which is directly connected with the hotel, you can find shops of every kind.

After shopping, go to the aquarium located at the end of the mall (toward the InterContinental Seoul COEX). Guests at the hotel are encouraged to pick up a 30% discount voucher, which is available at the concierge’s desk.

3. Half-Day Sightseeing Course

  • Course : Korean Folk Village
  • The Time Required : Half-Day

Korean Folk Village: this place is good to experience the beauty and character of different parts in Korea. While you’re there, you can see a traditional Korean wedding and “nongak” farm music, which is played to boost farmers' spirit in rural areas.

<Photography by Korea Tourism Organization>