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Park Hyunsook Manager


Assistant Manager, Cosmopolitan Fitness Club,
InterContinental Seoul COEX
- Grand Prize, Hospital international marketing specialist
  for medical tourism course, 2010 (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
- Spearheaded various staff health management projects such as weight
  management program
- Appeared 7 times in KBS, MBC, SBS, CBS, and 6 times in daily
  newspapers (Chosun, Dong-Ah, Kookmin, Munhwa) .
 * Graduated from Dankook Unitersity College of Sports Science
   with Master of Sports Medicine
 * Completed with Food Therapy Clinical Nutrition Specialist Course
   from Sookmyung 
 * Women’s University College of Education 

Maximize the effects of your workout with food.


No. Title
4 Six ways to keep from losing your line amidst holiday seasons festivities.
3 Maximize the effects of your workout with food.
2 Efficient exercise should be carried out continuosly at a steady rate
1 Design your health
처음페이지이전페이지 1다음페이지마지막페이지